Megs Life Changing Implant by Meg Lednisky – Her GoFundMe Story

Read more about Megan’s life changing implant. The very first one to receive this DGR implant in Colorado. Very cool information and story. We wish the best of luck to you!

Megs Story

Most of you know me. Most of you know that my life changed 5 years ago with the simple act of waking up. I woke up with a rare severe pain disorder callled Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). This condition has been said to be the worst pain that one can go through. It is also called the Suicide Condition. People rarely get relief from this condition. Doctors try to write out scripts on top of scripts to give us relief but nothing really helps. RSD is a very difficult condition becausee it can spread very easily. It can spread to wherever you have trauma to your body.
When I got sick, I went from having a bad morning to ending up in the ER to ending up in a rehabilitation facility because I could not walk at all. I was in a wheelchair for almost 6 weeks. From that point I went from a wheelchair to a walker and I was on my walker for almost 2 years. I had to learn how to walk all over again. I was fortunate enough to have a great doctor who A. knew about this condition and B.  was able to fast track me through the “insurance system” and was able to get me a life changing implant called a Neuromodulator. It is basically a fancy TENS unit. It is implanted on my spine to help distract my brain from pain. This implant is the reason that I can walk.
About 4 months after I had the surgery on my spine to get my implant, I had to get both of my knees fixed because when I was learning to walk, I was destroying my knees.
For the last 3 years or I have been working very hard to survive each day. To keep my condition from spreading. At this point my condition started in my left leg. It quickly spread to my hips and then down my right leg. After my spine surgery, the condition spread up my back. As of today, the condition is from my ribs down.
I have met a new doctor in Denver and he has changed my life. He has done some new procedures on my spine that have helped immensely. But like all good things, these procedures have to come to an end. However, the great thing is that there is a new implant that has been changing lives in Europe and now it is available to me!

I am not one who likes to ask for help. I have had some amazing friends and family to be there with me along the way but I am now at a point where I need help. I am asking for help. This new implant is the St. Jude Dorsal Root Ganglion Implant. I will be one of the 1st in CO to have both implants. This implant could possibly give me the ability to get off my meds all together. It could give me my legs back. My life back!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Resources: Read Full Story Here

By: Chris Draper

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